Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama in 30 seconds

To see these 30-second videos, go to These are the finalists among the hundreds that were submitted.

Margaret (my wife) and I took part in the process, voting when there were hundreds and voting again when it was down to these finalists.

My favorites include:

Obama 2012

They Said He was Unprepared...

It Could Happen To You

Playground Politics



What We Can Draw From Obama


Little Girl & One Nation United

Join Me

Check them out!


dramatic sporano said...

I am appalled that a member of an MTC branch presidency would take a car to that hallowed ground with its fender displaying Obama's name. Where is your sense of decorum, Brother Young

Bruce Young said...

Since this blog is intended for NATIONAL and cross-cultural viewing, some comments (especially from "dramatic sporano" or "soprano" or whoever she is) may be puzzling to some readers.

I'll just note two things here:
(1) I'll explain elsewhere my thoughts on why Latter-day Saints make great Democrats.
(2) Assume there's a heavy dose of irony in the comments certain readers add. I know from experience that lots of people DON'T get the irony in statements by people who are "appalled." A few days ago I sent a stern e-mail to a student who had written a letter to the Daily Universe complaining about the paper's use of the word "evolution"--only to find that his letter was "ironic." I'm afraid virtually no one who read it noticed the irony, mainly because plenty of people could have written exactly the same thing seriously.

Now as for "dramatic soprano's" comment . . .