Saturday, May 24, 2008

John McCain

As I'll explain later, what I like least about politics is the tendency to antagonism, enmity, contention--pride, anger, even hatred--and the deception and self-deception that often result when winning (and especially damaging and defeating the opposition) become more important than working to make the nation and the world better.

So, even though I'd prefer that John McCain not be elected president, I'm not so interested in defeating him as in working to help positive things happen. I don't want to treat McCain unfairly; I don't want to think of him as "the enemy." One of my aims is to keep myself from entertaining unfair and antagonistic thoughts and feelings about him.

Nevertheless, I'm going to provide a link to a video that I think demonstrates something important: John McCain is NOT as capable and smart as some people claim he is. If he's had a lot of experience, that experience doesn't seem to have helped him be as informed and wise as he ought to be. Yes, the clips are selective; and no, I don't think they show him to be deliberately deceptive. With the scrutiny now given politicians, you can catch almost anyone stumbling over their words. What I think the video shows is that McCain doesn't meet the high standard of judgment and intelligence I look for in a president. Look at this video and see if you agree.

On another matter--McCain's economic policies--here are a couple of campaign ads that (though of course biased) make valid points:

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dramatic sporano said...

There is no reason to think of McCain as an enemy. But do we really want Barbie and her dad to live in the White House?